Through the eyes of a caregiver, ‘making life the best as it can be

When Ernie Blaylock and his wife Silvia moved back to Dorchester to care for his mom, it was the fulfillment of a vow.
“We promised Dad we would take care of them and the property when the time came.”
That time arrived two years ago when Silvia and Ernie relocated from Oklahoma to Dorchester to care for his mother, Augustine Blaylock, and oversee the property that is his family’s legacy.

4 Signs You Should See a Doctor for a Breast Cancer Screening

It’s imperative for women to make sure they’re maintaining good breast health. While women can’t control their genetics or a family history of breast cancer, what they CAN control is seeking proper medical treatment and screenings. If you are age 40 or older, you should be seeing a healthcare provider for routine screening mammograms, says Dr. Susanne Bradford, an OB/GYN with Roper St. Francis Physician Partners.

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Place to Board Your Beloved Pet

As much as you’d like to, taking your beloved pet with you everywhere you go isn’t always possible. Whether it’s for an out-of-town business trip or family vacation, a safe and reliable pet boarding facility may be the best option for your pet’s wellbeing and your piece of mind. Some of the same things you would look for in a veterinary clinic will still hold true when searching for a kennel, but there are also some others to consider.

5 Reasons Funerals Are Important

“When words are inadequate, we turn to ritual.” Since the earliest days of humanity, across civilizations and cultures, humans have honored their dead with some kind of ritual. The ritual persists into modernity, and for good reason: funerals serve a very important purpose, according to Parks Funeral Home, a third-generation business in Summerville. Consider all the reasons […]