For Summer Colucci, An Engagement Ring is About a New Story

When you think of jewelry in the Lowcountry, the name synonymous with beautiful diamonds at the best prices is Colucci's Jewelers, serving the Charleston-Summerville area since 1959. For Summer Colucci, who entered the business in 2007, it has been a love affair with the beauty of gems, the emotions they evoke in customers, and the man who brought her into the business.

Born in Egypt to parents who adored a Mediterranean character named for the season in an American movie, Summer immigrated to Charleston and found herself getting a ring resized at Colucci's Jewelers on Dorchester Road years ago. The scion of the store, Stefan Colucci, told her then he was going to marry her someday. It wasn't until years later that Summer returned, fell in love, and got a ring. The couple has two sons, 15 and 9, and runs the area's iconic jewelry business.

While Stefan is the certified jeweler on-site, with 50 years in the business, Summer is the newcomer, a people person whose ear for stories is as finely tuned as her eye for the perfect necklace, ring or bracelet. She revels in the way sparkling diamonds can move people to tears.

"A woman came in one day with her late father's ring on the eve of her marriage," she remembers with a tear in her voice. "We removed the middle stone and made a necklace out of it. We took the gold and created a wedding band. She said it was like her father had given her the wedding gift of a necklace and walked her down the aisle."

Colucci's Jewelers is a faithful participant in the narratives of Lowcountry families. They provide great service – usually same-day service because Stefan is on-site. Memories are safe with them, whether purchasing a new ring, or remaking a family heirloom. Long-term customers trust that they will always get high-quality diamonds at the lowest prices.

Colucci's Jewelers owns the building and employs its family members, so there is little overhead. Even sons Mohammed and Gabriel work in the store with Stefan and Summer when school is out. They also have made some very special pieces: Colucci fashioned the crown for Miss America in 1978, and sold an engagement ring to a recent Miss America contestant.

Colucci's Jewelers is Charleston's full-service jeweler, repairing and reconditioning jewelry, selling custom-made creations, and repairing Rolex watches. Grandparents who bought their jewelry at Colucci's are now inspiring a third or fourth generation of families to follow suit.

One woman called Summer Colucci recently from Missouri and said her son, who lives in the Lowcountry, was looking to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend. She was sending him to Colucci's so she could be sure he was treated fairly. They streamed live video of the selection process to the mom, who gave her approval. A grateful son returned a few weeks later with a joyful fiancée wearing a gorgeous engagement ring.

"It's so satisfying," says Summer. "Every day, a happy story."

Colucci's Jewelers is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Call 843-270-2080 to find out how Colucci's Jewelers can help you live happily ever after.