Why Is The Weight Loss Industry a Complete Failure?

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If you have been struggling with weight gain year after year and it has become a focal point of your daily thoughts, this article may change your life. The weight loss industry “scam” is not a lack of weight loss. Instead, it resonates around the question, “What weight did you lose?” If you are not asking that very important question, you are going to fall prey to overnight weight-loss scams, dangerous medical conditions from low-calorie diets, hormone destruction from low-fat diets, and rebound weight gain – where you end up weighing more after the diet than you did before you started.

People often succumb to ads that promise overnight weight loss when they are really looking for long term, sustainable results. Everyone is looking to lose 20 pounds immediately. Unfortunately, no one is planning on gaining back 40 pounds over the following year. Most quick weight-loss systems do cause quick weight loss but long-term weight gain. Industry statistics prove this point and unveil the reality that the mainstream American weight-loss market is a complete failure. Sixty percent of all adult Americans have tried a weight-loss program; however, 68 percent of Americans are still either overweight or obese.

It goes back to the question mentioned above, “What weight did you lose?” No one is going to tell you this, but in most weight-loss scenarios you are losing both muscle and fat. This is the reason 95 percent of American gain all their weight back and more. The amount of muscle on your body dictates how many calories you can burn during the normal course of your day (your metabolism). When you lose muscle, you lower your metabolism and stop your body’s ability to burn fat. This is the reason why most people gain all their weight back and more; they lose BOTH muscle and fat on their weight loss program.

The MetaLife Weight Loss System is the only clinically-validated weight loss program that uses cutting-edge technology to measures both your total muscle and total fat during the course of the program. This ensures that you are losing fat weight and protecting your muscle tissue.

Meta + Life = Using The Science of Metabolism to Enhance Your Body and Your Life

The MetaLife Program is a doctor-supervised program that uses real food high in both fat and protein, so you are not dealing with cravings during the program. There are no boxed foods, special ointments, lasers, creams or other gimmicks. The program incorporates a diet to fit your individual metabolism utilizing state-of-the-art technology to monitor your progress. The program also includes supplements to regulate your hormones and a health coach to educate you and motivate you toward success, making the program easy to implement while gaining benefits far beyond weight loss.

The two-step strategy of the MetaLife program incorporates protecting your muscle tissue and regulating your hormones making weight loss easy and sustainable. The great news is that when hormones are regulated you gain results over and above long-term weight loss. Clinical studies have shown that in addition to weight loss, 80 percent of participants experience a minimum of three of these four outcomes: increased energy levels, improved mood, better sleep and reduced pain.

If you are ready to not only look better but also feel better, find out if you qualify for the MetaLife program by attending the next MetaLife Weight Loss Workshop. For more information, visit SummervilleWeightLoss.com or call (843) 900-5257.