How a Christian Education Meets the Diverse Educational Needs of Children

Parents know that every child is different. Kids have a wide range of educational and personal development needs, and so schools must prepared meet those diverse requirements in order to foster successful students.

Christian schools like St. John’s Christian Academy in Moncks Corner, try to approach the learning experience from a variety of perspectives and cultivate a staff that connects with students, putting them at a big advantage.

Having an interactive, all-encompassing curriculum for all ages ensures that educators can appeal to a wide variety of learning styles and topics,” says Eric M. Denton, headmaster at St. John's Christian Academy. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), an accreditation division of AdvancED.

It’s important that the curriculum and extracurricular activities complement each other. They also must advance as children do over time and continue to challenge learners. At St. John’s Christian Academy, that means providing hands-on learning for pre-schoolers and stimulating programs from grade schoolers. High school students at the Academy have the chance to earn can earn over 40 college credits from teachers here who are qualified to teach those classes with master's and doctorate degree.

A Personable Approach to Education

Christian schools typically are smaller than public schools, and those manageable class sizes are hugely beneficial to students.

Class sizes have to be on the smaller side to foster a high standard of educational excellence. Activities also need to be close-knit so students can be coached and supported instead of just filling spots on a team,” says Denton, adding that his school offers B-team, JV and Varsity sports.

Practicing What You Preach

Outside of the classroom and off the field, Christian schools can further engage students by making chapel time purposeful and entertaining.

We incorporate live worship into chapel time so the students can get involved. It really helps them to not only learn about Christian values but to practice them as well,” Denton says.

Another aspect of diverse education includes community service. Opportunities to give back are offered through classes and extracurricular activities throughout the year.

By giving back to others in the community, it is just another way to develop well-rounded students that grow up to be productive members of society,” he adds. “It lets us show how God can be integrated into all aspects of our lives, and that life can be better because of those interactions.”

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