How to Help Prepare Your Student for College

Sponsored By: St. John’s Christian Academy

Sponsored by: St. John's Christian Academy
Preparing for college is not an easy task for students or parents. Finding and getting into an institution can be challenging, but parents should remember how important it is for students to develop an ability to handle post-secondary education. This begins by instilling good learning and study habits, and cultivating a well-rounded student.

In essence, each grade provides the foundation for college preparation. “Whether students are learning the basics in pre-K or completing requirements to graduate as high school seniors, every step of the way matters,” says Dr. Eric Denton, headmaster at St. John’s Christian Academy in Monck’s Corner.

Here are 3 things Denton suggests parents can do to equip students to handle college life:

1. Start early.

One of the best ways that parents can prepare students for college is by finding ways for students to enroll in college courses before graduating high school. Whether over summer break or through special arrangement during the regular school year, being able to experience college courses early acclimates students to university-level learning. Not only that, but it can also ease the burden of coursework in college by letting students earn course credit in advance.

Denton explains that St. John’s offers students the ability to earn up to 36 college credits while they are still in high school. If they choose to do so, students can graduate with two semesters of college under their belt, which offers several benefits. “Some of our graduates say jump-starting college gave them a clearer understanding of what they wanted, or what they did not want, to do with the rest of their lives,” Denton says.

The student can save money by completing college credits during high school as opposed to paying college tuition rates on the credits. Completing college courses during high school can also free up students’ credit requirements closer to graduation if they want to begin a graduate school path.

2. Get involved.

Denton suggests that a parent’s interest and encouragement when it comes to collegiate aspirations can make a huge a difference. After all, you have sage advice to offer your kids on a whole range of school-related topics, from extracurricular activities to how to do homework, and the surest way to get your child to listen is to be involved.

“We find that parents who take interest in a student’s life, and positively motivate him or her, have children who more willingly listen when it comes to college and career choices,” he says. A child with parents who are not as invested in his or her education and dreams tends not to consider all of the variables that go along with picking a college and thriving there.

3. Nurture personal development and strength.

The skills needed to succeed in college – things like discipline, curiosity, teamwork and attentiveness – are universal skills that also apply before and after college. By encouraging these qualities in their children from a young age, parents can raise children who are primed to succeed once they’re admitted to a four-year institution.

“At St. Johns, the students, faculty and staff are all committed to delivering an education in the Christian tradition for each pupil,” Denton says. “Our goal is to train Christian leaders for fruitful lives.” By encouraging children to develop in all areas – academically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – they can succeed long after they leave.

“In the present, that kind of academic, emotional and spiritual maturity can come in quite useful when making important life choices in the competitive college admissions arena,” he says.

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