4 Ways Seniors Benefit From Staying in Their Own Homes

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that a vast majority of seniors say they’d like to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. In fact, surveys have found that is what 90 percent of seniors want.

Aging in place can have a variety of benefits. If you have the option to keep your loved one at home, here are four benefits to consider.

1. Familiar Surroundings Means Greater Sense of Safety

For many people, the safety of aging loved ones is a top concern. With big changes like moving mom or dad into a group facility could come added risk. Research shows that more people fall in nursing homes and assisted living facilities than at home. That might be the result of familiarity with the layout of home and comfort maneuvering around the tub and shower, stairs, etc.

2. Home Is Where the Comfort Is

Growing older and losing the ability to function independently is a big change for most seniors. Moving out of a longtime home can be an added stressor for the entire family. Allowing a senior to age in place leaves them in their comfort zone, not only inside their homes, but in their neighborhood, near friends, family and familiar places and services.

3. Greater Feeling of Independence

If you’ve spent any time with an older individual, you know how important their independence is to them. Keeping a loved one at home, even if they might need a little help from you or a caretaker, can boost their dignity and sense of independence, which has been shown to boost mental acuity, reduce depression and improve overall quality of life. Staying put allows friends or family to visit, and allows the senior to go about their life as normally as possible.

4. It Often Can Make More Financial Sense

Especially if your loved one only needs help with a few activities here and there, it might not make financial sense to move into a care facility. The average cost of a year in an assisted living facility was $43,539 in 2016, according to one study. A private room in a nursing home averages $92,378.

At Vistelan Healthcare, a licensed, bonded and insured in-home care provider that serves the Charleston area, caretakers can help seniors stay in their homes longer.

Whether it’s for round-the-clock care or just a few daily services like cooking or cleaning, Vistelan offers a customized care experience that’s easy on budgets and also helps achieve the ultimate balance of keeping loved ones safe yet comfortable and thriving.

If you are considering private senior care for a loved one in need, Vistelan’s executive team has more than 50 years of health care experience and provides unparalleled service. To learn more about the private senior care they offer, call (843) 771-0292 or visit Vistelan.com.