5 Advantages of Private Senior Care

Sponsored By: Vistelan Healthcare

If you have an aging loved one who needs special attention, it can be difficult to find a care provider you trust. It’s important to choose a senior care service that fits comfortably into your family member’s lifestyle and can fulfill their individual needs.

While there are plenty of quality live-in facilities available, private senior care offers a number of unique benefits, including:

1. A comfortable environment

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a care provider is comfort. According to research by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), 90 percent of seniors would prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. With private senior care, your loved one receives professional attention without sacrificing the comforts and securities of home.

2. Personalized care

Live-in facilities generally house many residents, so the staff can’t provide as much personalized care as a private service. Private senior care ensures your loved one receives the undivided attention and companionship of a professional.

With a provider like Vistelan Healthcare in South Carolina, seniors have access to a variety of care options that are customized to fit the client’s individual needs.

3. Independence

Elderly patients often feel more confident moving around and performing daily tasks in a familiar environment. Private care encourages independence while also offering support and assistance as needed.


4. Peace of mind

While your main priority is finding a senior care service that makes your loved one feel as comfortable as possible, your own peace of mind is also important to consider. Private, in-home care gives you the assurance to go about your daily responsibilities, knowing your family member is in good hands.

Families who choose Vistelan Healthcare can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are in the care of compassionate and dependable staff. Plus, all employees are also under the supervision a registered nurse with over 20 years of healthcare experience.

5. Accessibility

Being able to drop in to see your family member at any time allows you to closely supervise the care they are receiving, and get to know the caregiver on a personal basis.

Caring for an aging loved one all by yourself isn’t always practical. You don’t have to neglect your own life to ensure your family member gets adequate care. Private care is an ideal option, combining professional quality with the comforts of home.

If you’re considering private senior care for a loved one in need, Vistelan Healthcare is a licensed, bonded and insured in-home care provider in Charleston, South Carolina. Their executive team has more than 50 years of health care experience. Whether you’re looking for in-home companionship, daily personal assistance, or 24-hour care, the staff at Vistelan Healthcare provides unparalleled service.

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